Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's Day Three of our live blogging of this booooring snoozer of a Democratic National Convention in Denver. It's hard to stay awake through these dull, monotone speeches, it really is.

Well, Barack Obama has finally gone over the top; he was nominated officially as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. The roll call took a bit longer than what people expected. They got up all the way to the "N"s before New Mexico yielded to Illinois, who yielded to New York, where Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton asked for the rules to be suspended and Obama to be nominated by acclamation. And so that was that.

You know, it would have been far more exciting a moment if this had been a contested convention and Obama had won on a truly contested roll call. We would have seen people celebrating, and crying, and all the emotion with Obama hugging his supporters and the rest of it, and people jumping up and down and holding up their fingers in "V for victory" signs.

That's what real conventions ought to be about. Not this scripted Kumbaya-party-unity stuff. This was pretty "meh" stuff today on the floor.

Obama isn't helping himself any with his plans for a concert-style outdoor speech in front of a circular seating arrangement at Invesco Field Thursday night. It's so grandiose a setup that it's inviting criticism that Obama is an "inflated celebrity" and that his ego is way too big.

That's tomorrow's news, though. Tonight, still at the hockey arena, it's back to being a boring scripted show. We get Vice-Presidential nominee Joe Biden and the star attraction of the night: William Jefferson "Big help to the ticket" Clinton.

You get the feeling ex-President Clinton is going to be a loose cannon up there tonight?! Holy moley, this is a disaster waiting to happen. I gotta say this: it's been a pretty dismal week for Obama. We've had two days straight of Clintons hogging the spotlight. Obama, meanwhile, is getting very little attention of his own so far. You get the impression that he isn't commanding the spotlight of this thing all to himself. It's either the Clintons, or these bigshot entertainers getting all the attention. All that needs to happen is for John McCain to announce his running mate on Thursday afternoon. That would cap off a perfect week, not.

As for what's going on right now, I see Melissa Etheridge is up there singing and all I will say about that is it's about time the entertainers showed up; they've kept a low profile up until now. Still, I was watching CBS News' webcast after Tuesday night and saw Katie Couric chatting it up with Morgan Fairchild and then with these WWE wrestlers.

Personally, I think these Dems are better off keeping the Hollywood bigshots far, far away, because quite frankly I think a lot of people see these big actors and musicians as a bunch of elitists. They are no help in the heartland, where Obama needs to score votes.

That is all for now. Now the bad news: it looks like I am going to be out of commission reporting the news tomorrow night, so I doubt very much I will be around for the big Obama speech to rant and rave about it. I do expect, though, to give my own wrapup thoughts about it later tomorrow night right here, after the big speech is over. So keep it here at the CAIRNS BLOG for more convention coverage and assorted rants.

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