Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, we are getting plenty of boohooing and handwringing here in frozen Canada over the lousy showing of Canada's athletes at the Olympics in Beijing.

As of this writing Canada has won a big fat zero medals. That's right: zero, zip, none. Nada. Some folks are calm about the situation, but most people in Canada are up in arms over the poor showing so far and calling for a royal commission to look into this debacle, and blaming it all on a lack of government funding for our athletes.

I blame Canada's showing on the fact that people in this country devote all their time and effort to winter sports instead of summer pursuits. Heck, Canada always does well at the Winter games. But the summer games are kind of a different story.

How bad is Canada doing? So bad that we are trailing countries like Vietnam, and Uzbekistan, and a whole bunch of countries that end in "stan". So bad that our basketball team didn't even qualify for the freaking tournament! It really is getting to be an embarrassing situation. But look, it's better to lose with honor than to be doped up with steroids to win at all costs. I am not the biggest fan of the Olympic Games or the whole movement anyway, mainly because it seems to me that the biggest supporters of the Games are these totalitarian regimes in far-flung countries. Places where people have few rights. So I am not too broken up over our Olympic performance.

Personally, I don't think there should be more government funding for these Olympic athletes. Instead, I think businesses and ordinary Canadians ought to start stepping up to the plate and start contributing more money to these athletes, instead of leaving it up to government to do all the work!

Anyway, we'll keep you posted on this situation and on the reaction from shell-shocked Canadians to the disasterous showing at the Games so far.

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Anonymous said...

Success at the Olympic level has nothing to do with how much money is thrown at an athlete. It has everything to do with the mentality of winning, something which is non-existant with Canadian athletes. For some unexplained reason, Canadian athletes seem to be under the misconception that finishing in the top 12 positions is perfectly acceptable. They would be absolutely correct if this was a national or a provincial meet but not at the Olympic level as the last time I checked, they do not hand out medals for anything past the third spot.

It just makes me cringe when I hear a Canadian athlete say that they are happy with their placing in a competition. Ask any American or Australian athlete how they feel about their respective forth-place finish in any event and they will always say, 'I am not happy with my performance and I am thoroughly disgusted with what I did today'. Ask a Canadian athlete how they feel about their twelfth place finish and they will always say, 'I am so happy that I was able to finish in the top 12 and get a personal best time'. CRINGE!!!

If you want to finish in the top 12 then stay home! If you want to improve your personal best time then stay home! If you want to go to the Olympics to get some experience then stay home! If you want to go to the Olympics and take someone elses place who really wants to win then stay home! If, on the other hand, you want to go to the Olympics and win and know that you are capable of winning, then by all means go and I will back you 100%.

It may come as a complete surprise to Canadian athletes but it is ok to stand on the upper-most podium and say for that brief moment in time when all the eyes of the world are upon you, 'Hey, look at me. I am the best in the world and I won!' Why Canadian athletes are content with standing in the shadows is something which I cannot understand.