Friday, August 01, 2008


Here's my preview of the weekend's movies where The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor threatens to bring down The Dark Knight. There is an outside possibility, though, that The Dark Knight could still prevail.

Also, the "fastest-movie-to-$400 million" record is about to fall pretty soon, likely Monday.

That should be about all the posting I am likely to do for the weekend. The long weekend is coming up where I am, I'm burned out from a long week (and a long drive to Edmonton last weekend)and need to lie in bed, and I have nothing of value to say. I really do need to spend this weekend relaxing. Otherwise I'm going to end up in hospital from carpal tunnel syndrome.

That's my rant: back to watching the TCM Michael Caine marathon for me.

UPDATE (Sunday): I have my answer to the above question: no, The Dark Knight can't be stopped. Third straight weekend at Number One, likely to hit fastest-movie-to-$400 mil record on Monday. Back to the vacation for me.

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