Friday, August 22, 2008


Here's my latest predictions at the Reject Report about what is likely to go down this weekend at the box office. Among the new releases is a silly comedy called The House Bunny, featuring Anna Faris as a goofy Playboy bunny who is kicked out of Hef's mansion and has to get a job as a sorority house mother. Here's what Kevin Carr had to say about it at Film School Rejects.

With House Bunny coming to theaters this weekend, Entertainment Weekly had a photo feature looking at a bunch of different movies with a Playboy connection to them.

They mentioned: The Asphalt Jungle featuring Marilyn Monroe, Playboy's first cover girl; Beverly Hills Cop II, where Hef appeared as himself; a movie starring Dorothy Stratten called They All Laughed; and a movie about Dorothy Stratten called Star 80. I wonder why they didn't mention Dorothy Stratten's star turn in Galaxina. That was her best role.

To be honest, though, I was steamed that they forgot to mention my fave Claudia Jennings and all those campy B movies she did (Gator Bait, Unholy Rollers, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase etc.).

Just my small attempt to keep Claudia's memory alive and get her inducted into the Babes Hall of Fame. What can I say? I like these "drive-in" classics and the women in them.

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