Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Here's what the news is right now:

The ranks of single women continue to swell. Can you believe this Christie Brinkley divorce nonsense? Apparently her cad husband was running around with some fitness babe hottie. (She's really cute, too.)

This, after originally cheating on Christie, fooling around with some 18-year old. (Why?!?!)

And Madonna could be on the brink of divorce. Or maybe not.

Here's a question I have. How are those two middle-aged cougars able to keep their good looks? Madonna and Christie Brinkley aren't getting older, they are getting better. Christie remains so button-cute in her fifties, and Madonna is sexy as hell and has fabulous legs. These two women are hot.

Not so for Rachel Hunter anymore, apparently: she is getting trashed for getting too fat. Are you hot, Rachel? No.

An interesting article in the Daily Mail trashing Canada as a place to move to. The article even trashes the newspapers in this country. Well, they're right, the newspapers in this country are just not up to snuff at all, in general. The biggest newspapers here do not hold a candle to the Brit efforts, or even the Americans. This article trashes our weather, too, and our music, and our lack of culture or good museums. You know what's sad? I agree with much of this article! Canada really sucks as a place to live, when you think of it. But at least the cost of living is reasonable and the people are friendlier than these arrogant Brits.

Angelina Jolie is in hospital waiting to give birth to twins!

A prediction of the Independence Day weekend five-day box office for Will Smith's Hancock.

And I still have no news about the Screen Actors Guild and whether they are coming to a deal, and I have no idea where Mats Sundin is going, either, as an NHL free agent.

That's it for now.

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