Sunday, July 20, 2008


My roundup of news from nowhere comes straight at you once again.

The Dark Knight is a massive hit! It is the biggest opening of all time at $155 million, topping the previous record set by Spider-Man 3! For more on all the records set this weekend by Batman, click here.

The Emmy nominations are out and Mad Men cleaned up with 16 nods. Now you watch, it probably won't win a thing now. Actually, I'm quite glad to see it do well, it's a terrific show.

It was actually a big haul for nominations by the cable nets, which says a lot about the state of TV and where the quality really is right now. The regular networks aren't going to win Emmys by putting on reality shows and the other boring junk they serve up in prime time.

The jockeying continues over Jay Leno, who is leaving The Tonight Show in 2009 (pushed out by the folks in charge) and now has officially ruled out a return to NBC in any capacity. Now the big rumor is that Leno might take his act over to ABC for a new late-night show over there. That has Jimmy Kimmel raising his eyebrows because, well, it might push his show back a half-hour later.

Meanwhile the folks at Nightline have got to be petrified. If Leno comes over, that show is cancelled for sure.

Finally, may I say that I can never get enough of gorgeous hottie Erin Burnett. She just signed a new deal extending her stay at CNBC and you can read an interview the New York Times did with her here.

That's all for now.

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