Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, the clowns in Hollywood are still acting like clowns, based on the recent news about the Screen Actors Guild-producers haggling. What bugs me is that Hollywood is in chaos, yet these actors are still willing to work and do these pictures. They haven't called a strike vote yet, and they've done a bunch of side deals with a bunch of productions to keep them going no matter what. Yet, it's the producers who are shutting things down everywhere because there's no deal in place, and they don't want any walkouts wiping out any of these TV and movie shoots.

So who gets hurt in the end? All the people who depend on these productions for their livelihood, that's who. Not these actors, and not these suits in Hollywood. The crew people get the shaft again, just like during the writers guild strike.

This is freaking ridiculous. Guys, get with it. Make a deal already to get these productions moving again, and save the American economy while you are at it. End of statement.

As for the movie grosses, times at the theaters have been pretty good for the past several weeks. If you still want to read my box office predictions for a weekend of flicks that include Hellboy II and Journey to the Center of the Earth, you can find them here. I warn you in advance: my Meet Dave prognostication is already way off.

I notice that the box office take for Meet Dave is going to be much lower than anyone predicted. Well, what do you expect when the movie is so bad that Eddie Murphy doesn't even show up to his own premiere? When the star refuses to watch his own movie, well, that's a sure sign of doom.

(He claims he had to work. Right.)

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