Thursday, July 03, 2008


Here is a special "I Miss Toronto" edition of The Cairns Blog.

I just want to take time to observe a moment of silence for the absent Molson Indy of Toronto. This weekend would have been that portion of the calendar when the big race would have been slotted, and if I were still in the city I would have definitely shown up.

But it's not running this year, partly due to the IRL takeover of ChampCar and partly due to incompetence/disorganization on high from the Toronto people. Among other things, they had no owner in place for this year's event, so no wonder it went down the tubes.

Thankfully, though, Michael Andretti has stepped up to the plate and the oft-times winner of the Toronto event has taken on the big job of owning and organizing the thing for next year. That's great news, and Norris McDonald has a few good suggestions for how to make the return of Indy a success. Among other things, he wants to see a return to the name "Indy", which I think will probably happen.

So next year's event, with the return of Andretti and all the stars of the old event, promises to be great. But that does nothing for Toronto fans THIS year.

What is a Toronto race fan to do on this traditionally hottest weekend of the year? That Toronto Indy event was usually good for girl-watching (see left), beer-drinking and other activities. I guess people in Toronto could waste this year's non-race weekend by walking down the street checking out the ladies, and then buy some beer at the LCBO. But that isn't as much fun.

Tough luck, Toronto. Of course, I'm not affected by the current mess at all. In fact, where I live now here in Saskatchewan, I'm not too far from Edmonton. I plan to be there for the Edmonton Indy for the second year in a row, even if the price of gas remains at the current ridiculous levels. I sure hope I can make it.

What is up in the air is whether I will also be able to attend a film festival this year, like the one in Toronto. It will depend on finances and other factors, like whether the stars will bother to be there. If not, well forget it!

You know, if this actors' strike happens, this year's Toronto International Film Festival is going to be a WASHOUT. According to this article, actors can't do any promotional stuff if the Screen Actors Guild goes on strike. So if they walk off the job, none of them will show up.

Well, that will really make the star-watchers unhappy in Yorkville. What good is having a film festival in your town if the best part of it for the fans, the people-watching, goes up in smoke? The Star! Schmooze will also be ruined if the stars don't bother to turn up. Maybe they can get some Canadian actors instead, or the cast of Canadian Idol! Fat chance.

I still think that there will be a deal made and the Toronto festival will not be affected in the least. But it sure seems as if I picked the right year to NOT live in Toronto, because life sucks there right now for all its citizens.


I guess the reason for this post is because I miss my former life in Toronto. But as you can tell, it's my FORMER life there that I miss. I am not missing what life is like in Toronto right now, what with no Indy race and so on. So I really don't feel so bad.

There's no Sam the Record Man to go to there, either, these days. There was a big HMV store on Yonge Street, but I went to the big HMV store in Edmonton last week, so I don't miss that either. I also liked the fact that Toronto also had Hooters, but guess what -- so does Edmonton! (Winnipeg has one, too.) Life is good.

Of course, The Jonas Brothers boy-band were in Toronto today and there were lots of screaming girls cheering them on. But I'm not a screaming girl, so I don't care about any of that nonsense.

Here are some links to some Toronto media sources. I am really posting these for my own benefit so that I can click on the links myself and feel like I'm back in the Big Smoke:

Also, I'm sure the usual stories of murders and crime will make me feel less inclined to miss Toronto. That's enough for now.

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