Thursday, July 03, 2008


Life is bad in Seattle. Starbucks has had to close 600 of its locations, and meanwhile, their beloved NBA team the Sonics have officially left for that depressing, frequently-hit-by-tornadoes dustbin Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City?!)

Seems the Seattle city officials threw in the towel on the litigation to keep the team tied to its arena lease, and they are getting a chunk of cash plus the rights to the team name and colors. Big help that will be, though, because the NBA will probably never be back.

Meanwhile, the sad fans of Seattle are hurting today, but nothing's new about that. Here's a look at the ten darkest moments from that community's sporting history over the years. Unfortunately, one word sums that place up: "Losertown".

Bye bye, Seattle Sonics. R.I.P.

And if you think what happened to the Sonics can't happen to your team, too, think again: here's a look at some of the other teams out there that are on thin ice and could split town. (Already the poor folks in Buffalo are panicking about possibly losing the Bills to Toronto.)

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Anonymous said...

Seattle sucks period. Transplant or not the sense of apathy is always at an all time high. Why would any sane American who thinks for themselves and by this I dont mean necessarily with a political left slant want to live in such an uptight town? Seattle is NOT and never will be a first rate town people here are all about themselves and spouting their self-righteous socialist ideologies. You probably wont post this but you know its the damn truth and truth never has any foundation in Seattle unless its a green mossy truth!