Thursday, July 24, 2008


... is from Roger Ebert himself.

And the reaction continues to pour in from the likes of Patrick Goldstein, who isn't as broken up about this news as you might expect since, well, the TV medium sucks anyway and Roger's doing just fine in print.

David Poland has his own conspiracy theories about Ebert and Roeper's split from Disney. And Jeffrey Wells describes Disney's selection of E! Entertainment's Ben Lyons and Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz as "one of those basic no-brainer moves that 50-something executives do when they don't know what the hell else to do."

Me, I feel this show has been pretty much over for years anyway given Roger's health problems, but it's still sad to hear because this show has been on for years in one form or another. I'm not convinced this is the end of the line anyway, since the "thumbs" will probably get a new distributor.

I notice plenty of old clips floating around the Web on the heels of this news, showing the best highlights of the Siskel/Ebert/Roeper shows from the old days, including from the pre-Disney days. Without further ado, here's a selection. For more of them check out this YouTube channel devoted to old Siskel and Ebert clips. (UPDATE: And here's another one here.)

A final note: the last Roeper-hosted At the Movies show is slated for mid-August. That's that for now.

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