Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Well, in what I consider to be one of the biggest gaffes of the presidential election so far, Barack Obama has moved his acceptance speech outdoors -- outside the Pepsi Centre convention hall in Denver (where the Colorado Avalanche usually play hockey) and into Invesco Field at Mile High (where the Denver Broncos normally play football).

That move has royally screwed up network television plans to cover the convention. They were planning to be all set up in their skyboxes in the convention hall with the usual three hours of coverage, but now the expenses are guaranteed to go through the roof, thanks to the Obama campaign's boneheaded decision. I guess these fools want to emulate what John F. Kennedy did when he accepted his nomination at the outdoor LA Coliseum way back when, but that was back in the days when conventions were shown gavel to gavel on TV!

This convention is going to be up against reality shows, reruns and other programming in the month of August. And guess what, folks? These networks would rather be running that junk than these conventions. The reason is simple: Americans don't want to watch conventions on TV, they're long and boring and nothing more than free advertising for these candidates. So not surprisingly, these networks are thinking hard about cutting back on coverage. Why bother wasting all that cash on coverage no one will watch, anyway?

So way to go, Barack Obama campaign. Talk about a self-defeating move. By moving your convention to a big stadium, you are possibly throwing away free publicity! Nice going in not consulting anyone beforehand, too. I guess we can expect the same sort of thing when Obama becomes President.

(Here's another question: what if it rains?! These political pros never thought of that, either.)

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