Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am absolutely bored right out of my skull tonight; there is nothing of interest on television or anywhere else. So I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you of what programming is ahead in the month of August right here at THE CAIRNS BLOG.

That's right, political coverage galore! I'll be blogging both the Democratic and Republican conventions live as they happen from the comfort of my own home. I'll be watching the coverage on TV and the Internet, as I usually do every four years. And as usual, these conventions will be totally scripted infomercials with no real debate. That's how American politics operates these days.

So I will add my own political insights, gleaned entirely from attending a few political conventions of my own -- not to mention watching several of them on television. And of course, I'm regularly exposed to politics as part of my job. It's kind of odd that the conventions are being held in August and early September, though. Usually they would be held a little earlier.

I expect I will have much more political coverage on the blog after that in the runup to what looks to be a big blowout election in November.

Also, the Olympics will be on from Beijing and you know what that means: plenty of late nights for me glued to the TV. I remember when the games in Sydney were going: I'd be watching all the live coverage late at night on CBC, because NBC's crummy effort was all tape delayed. I expect more of the same. Well, at least there will be no hockey on display at the Beijing games: it seems like at the winter Olympics the coverage is all hockey all the time, and it makes it seem like it's the only sport going on there.

That is all for now. As I mentioned I am really bored right out of my skull tonight and have nothing of value to say, and am just writing this in order to keep from falling asleep.

Oh, and tomorrow I write my box office column. Reminder to myself.

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