Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, the dashing CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, a woman who'd be cast as a female lead in any James Bond picture if she had chosen acting as her line of work, is proving herself to be quite the jet-setting international playgirl.

Did you hear this? Lara has been splashed all over the front page of the New York Post today. Apparently Logan was in quite the love triangle in Iraq. She's been accused of being a homewrecker by dating this civilian contractor named Joe Burkett. AND she also apparently dated CNN correspondent Michael Ware. Here's the best part. Apparently these two guys got into a fight.

Maybe the writers of Get Smart should take some notes? This is funnier than everything in that whole movie! This kind of also has that Larry Mendte-Alycia Lane nonsense all beat. Lara Logan's passionate love life is too funny for words.

Logan was in the news for appearing on Comedy Central recently, and has gotten a big promotion this week to work in the Washington D.C. bureau of CBS News. Hopefully a change of scenery will keep this girl out of trouble.

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Sarah said...

In an interview last week on The Daily Show, Logan complained that she often had to fight to get war stories on the air. On Monday, she was named CBS's Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent. And yet, all people can talk about isthe National Enquirer story spilling the beans on this sexy Baghdad bombshell.
Lara Logan...what were you thinking?: