Monday, June 16, 2008


Before CNBC, before Fox Business, there was FNN. I stumbled upon some old video of the late, great Financial News Network recently on YouTube and thought I would post some of that good stuff here. As most of you know by now I am a fairly heavy viewer of business news TV, especially during those times when I am at home during the day. (I sometimes have the day off during the week at my mainstream-media job.)

So I'm kind of interested in this stuff. FNN definitely operated during a different era-- no Money Honeys to be found. These business TV reporters could pass for accountants, many of them.

I don't remember much about FNN myself. All I remember about watching FNN were those times when I would watch the channel on cable TV in Calgary hotel rooms. For some reason, cable TV there blared FNN's market coverage, which said a lot about Calgary and how business-minded the place was.

Anyway, we have highlights taken from the last day FNN was on the air before it was merged into CNBC, with a look back at some of the people associated with the operation. And yes, the woman going by the name Sue McMahon in that tape is indeed Sue Herera.

The second screen features two guys familiar to most CNBC viewers, Bill Griffeth and Ron Insana, reporting on the 1987 crash live as it happened. Looks like Insana still had some of his hair on his head at the time.

Enjoy a look back at business TV history, folks.

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