Saturday, June 07, 2008


You know, it's Saturday night, and there's no hockey on tonight as the Stanley Cup is, well, long over.

I gotta say, it may be summertime, and the weather is stinking hot outside in most parts of the country, and people are glued to their sets watching Euros play soccer games, and there's a big Grand Prix race in Montreal that raceheads like me are all excited about. And yet I still have that urge to want to tune in to the CBC to catch Ron and Don, and the hot-stovers, and the after hours gang, and that dunt da dunt da daa, dunt da dunt da daa, dunt da dunt de daaa dunt of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song one more time.

Which is why it defies common sense to get rid of it. Have people on both sides of this dispute between the CBC and the composer totally lost their marbles? Hockey Night in Canada is just another hockey broadcast without that theme song. With the theme gone, we all might as well watch hockey on NBC, because tradition will have had it over at the CBC. And with the theme song gone, the composer stands to lose all kinds of royalty money.

I'm not convinced totally that Friday's collapse of negotiations is the end of the story. I have to believe there will be some sort of intervention from somebody -- from the Prime Minister, perhaps. Yes, this issue is that big a deal to people.

But if the CBC does say sayonara to the familiar theme song, then the following pictures below will say it all about the state of the Hockey Night in Canada show.

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