Saturday, June 21, 2008


Thought I would let you in on the lack of love out there for Mike Myers and his apparent total bomb The Love Guru.

I had predicted in my box-office column a third-place finish for him, but the latest word is his movie may do even worse than that and might even end up fourth for the weekend.

There is a lot of venom being spewed towards Myers and this movie right now. Rotten Tomatoes has it running at something like 15 per cent right now! That's awful!! And people are going on and on saying Myers is past his prime and that people are sick of the toilet humor that stinks up the movies he appears in. Myers went down this same path in the last two Austin Powers movies, going the scatological route, which was not a good move in my opinion. It really turned people off, but the movies were still hits.

Now, though, it's gotten to the point where people are sick of that style of humor, and in particular, sick of HIM.

Check out this pretty damning review over at Cinema Blend which basically calls upon Mike Myers to stop making movies, period!!! Wow, it's not good when people hate your movie so much that they think you should quit the business.


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