Sunday, June 08, 2008


Just thought I would take some time off from watching Animation Domination over on FOX to provide yet another News from Nowhere, where I update you on the latest news that is happening everywhere.

First, I should note that I found a new website! It's called and it links up with all these news feeds from these TV stations in the USA and around the world. It includes quite a few live streaming newscasts. Check it out. I figure something like this will come in mighty handy during the political conventions, or for that matter during hurricane season. Now onto the latest news.

Jim McKay of ABC Sports has died.
Paul Newman is dying of cancer. And Martin Bashir of ABC News has a brain tumor.
Also, Dr. Sheila Basrur has died. She led Toronto's fight against the SARS virus that had come to the area and scared the wits out of people. Fortunately, it didn't do as much damage to Toronto as it did to other places such as Hong Kong, and we got a good rock concert out of the whole thing (the Rolling Stones). But still, it was scary. Anyway, she's dead.

Some news about comings and goings of TV personalities to tell you about. First of all, NESN has parted ways with Hazel Mae (Canadian). The heck's going on there? First Tina Cervasio leaves, and now Hazel.

Also, apparently Citytv has let go Peter Silverman and before that Amber MacArthur. I noticed, though, CP24 hired away Pooja Handa from Global to do traffic reports. (I know Pooja from way back.)

Kung Fu Panda and You Don't Mess with the Zohan were one-two at the box office.

Big Brown was a big flop at the Belmont. No Triple Crown winner in horse racing, unfortunately, again.

And this has been a big year for hockey teams dropping cups. Apparently Fort Wayne won the Turner Cup and the thing fell apart, and now apparently those wild Detroit Red Wings have put a dent in the Stanley Cup. Guys, show some respect for the trophy, eh?!

That's it for now.

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