Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, in the wake of this Hockey Night in Canada news (theme song to CTV, etcetera), I thought I would take the opportunity to dip into the YouTube vaults again and rescue some more pieces of Canadiana from the abyss. Yes, time to show clips from long-lost Canadian TV.

And in honor of the CBC and its royal botchup of the HNIC theme song negotiations, all the clips for this edition will be from old CBC stuff. I'll get around to showing the CTV stuff later; same for Citytv and these other places.

I thought I would show a promo first of all which kind of sums up what CBC had to offer back in 1985; some pretty iconic Canadian TV if you ask me.

Now a couple of clips from Wayne and Shuster!

Next, something from a long-forgotten afternoon show called Video Hits.

The opening to the CFL on CBC.

Now here's a look at The National circa 1978, anchored by Peter Kent.

Now a couple of items from some iconic children's TV shows Mr. Dressup and the Friendly Giant. I gotta say, the clips from Friendly Giant pretty much sum up what that series was like: it was exactly the same show every day, with the Giant hangin' with Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe, and playing a few tunes.

I wouldn't call it "educational" because, well, you didn't learn anything, but it was quality kids TV in my book.

Long live YouTube and memories of great CBC shows! That's all for now.

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