Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Just thought I would link to this article in the Globe today wrapping up the whole Hockey Night in Canada theme song mess.

Seems the CBC is still smarting over what happened, and Scott Moore is accusing CTV of interfering in the negotiations. He thinks it was unfair for CTV to swoop in and grab rights to that theme song while they were still negotiating with the rightsholders!

Wait a minute, let's set things straight here. Contract talks broke down, and the song was on the free market as of 5 p.m. on Friday, June 6. Once the clock struck 5 pm, the theme song copyright holders were free and clear to go sign with somebody else. If CBC were on the ball, they would have had the deal done well before the deadline.

As I see it, the CBC was doing their usual "get-tough" negotiating stance with an artist. They would not come to terms at the deadline, in the hopes that the artist would rush back and do a deal later -- just like what went down in the negotiation with Ron MacLean. But this time it completely blew up in their faces.

By the way, I never thought that the CBC was actually serious about going ahead with this crazy Canadian Idol-type search for a new hockey anthem for their show that they were talking about. But it seems that's exactly what these clowns are doing.

How much taxpayers' money are they wasting on this contest? What a joke.

Seems to me that if CTV wanted to make the CBC look like fools with this move, swiping the Hockey Night theme song from under them-- well, they've succeeded. The CBC looks like a bunch of buffoons. Everyone is laughing except the people at the CBC. And that's all I am going to say about the Hockey Night in Canada song mess.

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