Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, the much-anticipated new Get Smart revival movie comes out this weekend starring Steve Carell as 86 and hottie Anne Hathaway as number 99.

I kind of approach this movie with anticipation and quite a bit of dread, actually. My worry is it will be a lot like that Pink Panther revival that starred Steve Martin. Martin was just no good as Inspector Clouseau: Peter Sellers owns that role for all time. My fear is that the same is true for Don Adams as 86. Steve Carell is no Don Adams, I'm afraid.

Anyway, looking back at the various incarnations of Get Smart, I have to say that it's been a pretty sad state of affairs for the franchise for a long time. Of course, the original series was brilliant, one of the classics of television. Until their jump-the-shark season of 1969 (see opening credits for that season below).

In that season Get Smart moved from NBC to CBS, 86 and 99 got married, and the show went straight into the toilet. And that was the end of the television series.

But there was another attempt to revive Get Smart some years later when they rolled out the movie The Nude Bomb, starring Don Adams as Smart again. But no 99 for some reason. Unfortunately, the movie was pretty dumb, and it flopped.

They made a Get Smart, Again reunion movie in 1989 and then had Max and 99 return for a series on FOX in the mid-Nineties, called... would you believe?... Get Smart! This effort featured Andy Dick as Smart's dick-head son.

Talk about sad. It's gone from bad to seemingly worse for this whole Get Smart franchise since the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry days. I sure hope the latest Get Smart movie turns out to be good. But I must admit, there hasn't been a good Get Smart production since 1969, I swear.

On the positive side, though, they did a great job casting this flick, especially the female lead. Stay tuned for a "Women I Love" column from me soon, as I plan to salute Anne Hathaway.

Methinks she'll make the same impression on me that Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham made in the Austin Powers flicks. Good news for guys: she dumped her man this week. Way to go, Annie, baby.

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