Monday, June 09, 2008


That's right; the theme song for the most popular show on the entire CBC network was sold by the composer to CTV today. CTV is now going to plaster the song over all its NHL hockey properties on TSN and elsewhere.

And just this morning CBC announced they were going to go to mediation to try and salvage the theme song one last time. Well, I guess composer Dolores Claman had other ideas.

All I will say is that I fell out of my chair laughing when I heard this news today. This not only makes the CBC look bad, losing this iconic theme song --- it makes them look supremely incompetent. Whoever was responsible for this supreme mess-up has GOT to be fired.

It's so typical of the CBC for something like this to happen. They've lost so many sports properties and personalities over the years, too. They lost the Olympics to CTV and all the CFL and Grey Cup games to TSN, not to mention sportscaster after sportscaster including Dave Hodge, Chris Cuthbert and Brian Williams. What's next -- is CBC going to lose the chief anchor of The National to CTV, too?

(Uh, yeah, that already happened.)

As a friend told me the other day, they might as well put the theme from The Muppet Show on Hockey Night in Canada now. Because the Muppets have truly taken over the show over there at the CBC.

The Hockey Night in Canada theme song on TSN. Now, that is beyond funny.

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