Thursday, June 05, 2008


We think, this time, she's actually going to concede. Or maybe she will concede yet not concede.

All I have to say is Hillary Clinton's non-concession speech on Tuesday wasn't exactly gracious if you ask me. The problem wasn't particularly with what Hillary said -- I have no problem with her saying she would take time to meet with advisors before deciding what to do next. The problem was the tone of the speech. It was not conciliatory in the least and seemed to be of the"fight on to the convention and challenge the results" variety. It seemed to de-legitimize Barack Obama's clinched nomination. Not a good way to promote party unity.

Seems that common sense is finally settling in with the Clinton gang, though. Those folks are beginning to realize that they've been totally defeated and that the bigwigs in the party are fed up with them. And about time, too. Me, I was getting really tired of those spinmeisters over there in her campaign, playing politics the old fashioned way. All combative, all the time.

Now she's campaigning to be on the ticket? So some say, but MSNBC says she's backing off of that, too.

Well, if Hillary gets on the ticket Obama can throw in the trashcan all his rhetoric about wanting to change the way politics is conducted in the USA. Having the Clintons on the ticket is basically asking for a return to the bad old days of rampant partisanism, because the Clintons are all about partisanship. And it would be a sure admission by Obama's people that he is all talk and no action.

By the way, there are plenty of articles now running alleging that Hillary lost because of sexism. What nonsense. You want to know why Hillary lost? Because she ran a LOUSY campaign, right to the bitter end.

She can't even concede a nomination fight without screwing it up!! Good riddance, Hillary... and you too, Bill.

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