Wednesday, June 25, 2008


More fallout from the takeover of Citytv by Rogers, only made possible after the big CTV takeover of previous owner CHUM put Citytv on the block to begin with.

Seems the new owners have been dumping some programs and getting rid of people (Peter Silverman), and Marilyn Denis called it quits, and now they've gotten rid of Ed's Night Party, the popular and politically-incorrect comedy show that aired on Fridays late at night.

That's right, Ed the Sock has been sent to the cleaners at last. This show was known for featuring a lot of strippers and other members of the upper crust of society.

The official reason is they want to program more shows aimed at a female audience. But that line of bull makes no sense because Ed aired late at night, which isn't known for having a lot of female-skewed shows anyway. (The female shows tend to air just about the entire rest of the day and in prime time, too.) I suspect the real reason is that Rogers plans to clear Ed to make room for more of the late night shows from the 'States that they have rights to, but I have no confirmation of that. I'm just not convinced this idiot Ed will be replaced by any show aimed at women.

Ed, of course, is one of the all-time legendary Citytv shows, right up there with the Baby Blue Movie, Citypulse, Breakfast Television, Cityline and Fashion Television.

(FT is of course switching over to CTV, and Cityline is getting a new host, and Citypulse changed its name to CityNews. Citytv as we knew it is slowly but surely being gutted. It's gone straight downhill ever since Moses Znaimer left. All that's left now is for Gord Martineau to be booted onto the street.)

Ed famously got his start doing access-cable before hitting it big. (Folks like Tom Green and that sex-advice woman Dr. Sue Johanson went the same route.) Methinks Ed will find a home somewhere else, possibly on CTV's Comedy Network. And if not there, then I'm sure Showcase or the E! network or somebody else will take him.

Let's face it, his show was a pile of trash, but it was funny.

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