Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Since I am on a roll talking about TV news tonight--

Here's an amusing column by Les MacPherson in my hometown newspaper from Saskatoon, the Star-Phoenix, about the interesting stuff they get on cable TV. SHAW Cable in Saskatoon picks up feeds for the American TV networks from the affiliates in Detroit. So Saskatoon gets to see all the Detroit newscasts that are full of fire, murder and mayhem.

MacPherson says this:

Detroit and Saskatoon do not have much in common. English is the main language in both cities.
The Detroit Red Wings' coach, Mike Babcock, is from Saskatoon. Both places are on the same continent. And that's about it. Otherwise, the cities are about as dissimilar as they could be. The 1,300 miles between them is the least of their differences. Even so, Carmen Harlan, veteran news anchor at Detroit's NBC affiliate, is as almost well-known around here as Rob MacDonald at CFQC.

I guess Bernie Smilovitz is as famous as Kevin Waugh, then, too, eh? Here's some video of what Saskatoon residents (and for that matter, residents of many areas of the country) got to see from Motown:

MacPherson then goes on and on about Detroit's embarrassing mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. (I'll tell you, there's not a dull moment covering municipal politics in that town.) Check out a good read.

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