Sunday, June 08, 2008


Here's another article about the Canadian TV scene, and in particular the battle between the two "secondary" TV networks in Canada, A Channel and E!.

A-Channel is, of course, owned by CTV now after being acquired in the CHUM takeover, and E! is the network of stations owned by Canwest Global that used to be known as the CH network of stations. That was before Canwest made a deal with the E! people down in the USA to bring their network to Canada and load up their stations with E!'s American entertainment-news programming.

Seems the folks over at the Globe and Mail think that there could be a battle for new programming between these two mini-networks, which basically have stations in communities that the CBC, CTV and Global do not (Hamilton, Barrie, London, Red Deer, Victoria, etc. etc.). Interestingly, these stations are in areas where the signals can be easily accessed in the big cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Noticed that A-Channel is going to be rebranded. Come this fall, it will be known simply as "A." Kind of a generic name if you ask me.

Also noticed the sale by Rogers of the two OMNI-TV multifaith/religious stations in Vancouver and Winnipeg to the people who run Vision TV, S-VOX, is complete. Rogers needed to get rid of those two stations as part of the deal to take over Citytv. That now leaves it free and clear for Rogers, who just got the CRTC approval to take over Channel M in Vancouver, to rebrand that multicultural station as OMNI-TV, just like their Toronto and Alberta stations.

Confused? Me too.

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