Saturday, May 03, 2008


While I watch the Habs try and come back on TV, I thought I'd say these are sad times for one of the all-time iconic publications TV Guide.

Read over at Nikki Finke's website that there were big layoffs over there and that the publication may not be around much longer. Of course, the Canadian edition went out of business some time ago and you can only read TV Guide on the Internet.

This is clearly a case of a publication unable to keep up with the times, in my humble estimation. TV Guide was useful back in the days when you could get all your television by antenna, but once cable came in, TV Guide became really hard to navigate. They had to start doing "program grids" to keep up with the times and make their program listings easier to follow. But the whole 500-channel universe shot the program listings to all heck. That's why that publication got in trouble.

Now, all publications have abandoned "listings" and have gone to providing program grids. And if you want to see a program grid, well, why bother with TV Guide? You're just better off reading a grid off the Internet or on one of those TV listings channels on your cable TV or off your digital or satellite system.

It's sad. TV Guide is such an iconic publication and it's really sad to see it in the state it's in, but what can you do. I think once TV Guide dies it will be the end of an era. It would be like the death of television as a medium.

Speaking of the death of television -- have you seen all these ads on these American television channels lately, urging people to get new digital converters because all the analog sets are going to be no good come February of 2009? Now, that truly is going to be the end of television as we all knew it.

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