Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am struggling to come up with a box-office prediction for my Reject Report column for the latest upcoming weekend chick flick Sex and the City: The Movie.

I keep reading a lot of prognostications from the so-called experts who think it will do something in the $30 million range. Then I read predictions of almost $40 million and I notice Box Office Report is predicting $53 million. And first place. That isn't a guarantee, either, with Indiana Jones 4 still out there.

But the question everyone has, and I know the Huffington Post asked this question earlier, is this: can a pure chick flick like Sex and the City really score at the box office? I mean, let's face it, these other successful movies have a lot of crossover appeal with guys. But Sex and the City has NO appeal among guys. None at all. Liking these four fashionable New Yorkers would be akin to guys admitting they like Oprah, or something. (They aren't sexy either, save for Kim Cattrall. Who would want neurotic loser Carrie Bradshaw as a girlfriend? Mr. Big can have her, as far as most guys are concerned.)

About the only way this movie will manage to get guys to go and see it is if their girlfriends drag them kicking and screaming into the theater. Or maybe guys will take their girlfriends to this flick, in the hope that maybe that will impress the lady friend and he'll score with her by the end of the night. Thin chance? Fat chance? Either way, same thing.

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