Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, this blog continues to do its Cannes Film Festival coverage from a distance because, well, I am not there. One of these days, though, I've got to find a way to cover one of these film festivals-- like, say, that one they hold in Toronto.

I gotta say it's good to see the folks at ET actually interrupt their live, continuing coverage of Dancing With the Stars to cover a film festival, for a change! Here's some of their coverage.

The big news coming from these TV outlets from the festival is that Angelina Jolie has confirmed she is having twins. Well, woo hoo!!! People at the festival are going gaga trying to figure out which film is going to win the Palme d'Or, yet the only thing these television reporters care about is gossip. Oh, they also confirmed from Dustin Hoffman that the due date is August 19.

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that Jolie was actually at Cannes to promote an actual movie, Kung Fu Panda, the new CGI flick she stars in. Oh, and it was Jack Black who blabbed about how Jolie was pregnant with twins during a live interview promoting the flick on TV, on the Today Show.

As well, they have screened the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the festival and it actually got a standing O, unlike that terrible Da Vinci Code movie that was booed by the assembled at the theater when it screened there a couple years back. But that doesn't mean these uptight critics all enjoyed it. In fact, a lot of these folks were totally unimpressed. (Roger Ebert, though, liked it. I don't think he's there at Cannes, though.)

The other big news is that Woody Allen was at Cannes rolling out Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It stars Penelope Cruz, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem -- and Scarlett Johansson who, incidentally, didn't show up for the premiere. Apparently she did the diva thing and made a laundry list of demands to the people in charge to fly her out there and pay for her makeup etcetera, so she ended up staying home. Well, fine. One thing I want to see are fewer divas from Hollywood getting their way. Some of these actors and actresses seem arrogant as all heck, although I have a feeling this could be a case of an agent or a flack gone wild.

Also, Joe Queenan says Woody Allen is a bum and that Europe should quit supporting his lousy movies. Read it here.

Finally, get well soon Lainey (she broke her arm, apparently, at the film festival.)

That's all for now -- hopefully this proved to be more informative than most of the junk you get from these TV shows covering the baby beat over at Cannes. Fat chance.

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