Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, it is a boring long weekend here in frozen Canada and I thought I would update the international audience on life in our country. With the exception of a very popular and photogenic brunette from Port Perry who spent last week fighting off autograph hounds, life is very dull up here.

I guess the SCTV gang had a reunion, too, but who cares about that. All anyone cares about here is the NHL. But the NHL isn't exactly caring too much about Canada right now with these playoff results.

All the Canadian teams were knocked out of the Stanley Cup ages ago, once Montreal was kicked out. Now we are at the point in the season when teams are getting eliminated and the CBC is having to find old movies to run on weeknights to fill the airtime. Last night, the CBC went into the vault and reran the Canada-Russia '72 movie they had made some time ago.

They showed that flick during the Saturday time slot usually reserved for Hockey Night in Canada, but due to NBC's demands, the hockey game was shown in the afternoon instead. This is the type of thing that peeves hockey fans in Canada to no end. They want to see hockey games on Saturdays, not movies about hockey games. For the die-hards, it's like moving Sunday morning religious services to Monday nights or something like that.

Anyway, the real reason afternoon hockey games are no good is because hockey games at least pose a viable evening alternative for TV viewers in this country who don't want to watch the usual junk on TV in prime time. Otherwise people are left with no choice but to tune in CNN to learn more about Ted Kennedy's health. Besides, there's plenty of other sports on TV to watch during the day, anyway, like baseball and basketball. Better to leave the NHL games for the evenings. Then at least there will be sports to watch on TV all day and night!

Now, in further bad news, all the hockey fans are peeved because of what happened in the world championships held in Quebec City. Canada lost 5-4 on home ice to Russia, in overtime, in the final. Ilya Kovalchuk scored the winner, stunning the fans. So much for our great hockey nation. We couldn't win the Stanley Cup, and now we don't even have the World Championship to fall back on.

(But Canada did win the title of Playmate of the Year. I guess 1 out of 3 ain't bad.)

A team from Canada had better win the junior Memorial Cup, then, or all will be lost for all hockey fans up here. Unfortunately, one of the teams involved is the Spokane Chiefs from the USA. So if they win, the Cup will be dangling down in the States.

Topping it all off, the Raptors lost in the NBA playoffs. As a final bit of icing to top that cake, fans saw top play-by-play guy Chuck Swirsky depart for Chicago after the season was over.

So long story short, absolutely nothing is going on up here. You know, I quite like the fact that there are fewer hockey games on and no Raptors to tune into; it gives me a chance to catch up on watching my movies. But it sure isn't the same -- movies just aren't as exciting to watch. It's a welcome change, though: too much hockey can be bad for the blood pressure. It can get pretty tense to watch this stuff.

The Stanley Cup Finals are coming soon and it will be Pittsburgh versus somebody else from the States. Worth watching, just to see what Don Cherry will wear on the air. The bad news is it won't be on every night, so we'll have to find other things to watch the rest of the time.

I plan another Life in Canada post pretty soon where I'll show off some old beer ads that I found lurking on the YouTube vaults. The one thing that is key to know about life in Canada is that we are bombarded with beer ads on TV -- that, and ads for Tim Hortons. By the way, Tim Horton used to be a hockey player. Goes to show that all anyone in Canada cares about is hockey.

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