Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well, the results are in from the Indiana and North Carolina primaries and while technically it is a split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the truth is that it was a big night for Obama and a terrible one for Hillary. In North Carolina, Obama crushed Clinton by 14 points, and in Indiana, Clinton's win was so narrow that it did nothing for her hopes of coming back in the delegate count. In fact Clinton lost ground on the night.

Now even Tim Russert is saying the math doesn't add up and that it's over.

People are now calling on Hillary to get out of the race and spare the party a convention fight. Quite frankly, Hillary's scorched-earth approach of the last few weeks has done nothing for the party and is making the Dems look like duck soup in the fall against McCain. She's been coming up with some inventive reasons to give her the nomination, such as the fact that she's been able to win certain big states that Obama didn't win. She forgets to mention all the other states she lost in, all of which count, too.

And what about all the criticisms of Obama's inability to supposedly close out the race? Instead of asking Obama why the race isn't over yet, people ought to be asking Hillary why the race is still going on.

Especially after last night.

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