Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So Hannah Storm has finally thrown in the towel on news (after being carried out of CBS on a stretcher from the last-place Early Show) and has returned to sports, going to ESPN. I wonder if any more people who made the bolt to TV news wish they were back doing sports. I'll bet it's a lot of people. I know Bryant Gumbel went back eventually, so it's been done before. And Keith Olbermann still does sports part-time in between his lunatic MSNBC rants.

I sort of ask this question myself because I am kicking myself watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the NBA coverage on ESPN and TNT, and jealous as heck that I am not covering sports for a living on TV or radio. I guess a return to sports is not out of the question for me, either.

Of course, the Cannes Film Festival is starting up, so I'll be mad about not covering that, either. I guess you can catch some of my rants about it here at THE CAIRNS BLOG, in between hockey games. But I'm really feeling a little frustrated because I really liked covering sports, yet there are just no jobs covering sports. There are no jobs for film buffs, either. Basically, life is bad.

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