Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just wanted to remind you of the Indianapolis 500 tomorrow. WFNI 1070 Indianapolis has the call, plus they have going repeats of great races of the past which is going on all night tonight. Fun stuff.

Also tomorrow is the Grand Prix of Monaco in -- where else -- Monaco, and also the Coca-Cola 600 Sprint Cup race from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Enjoy Memorial Day, you Americans out there, and enjoy Jim Nabors' singing at the 500. And here is a real blast from the past for you: a Jim Nabors album ad from TV!

Also, don't expect posts here for a couple of days, because I have a busy Monday and will be filing a Film School Rejects column sometime Sunday. I plan to spend the rest of Sunday watching non-stop auto racing on TV as I do every year at this time. ENJOY THE RACES, FOLKS.

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