Friday, May 23, 2008


I have not been a fan of the Hillary Clinton campaign for all kinds of reasons -- her full-of-himself husband being a big one.

But the main thing that turns me off is that those folks over there insist on playing politics the old-fashioned way: the scorched-earth way, without any grace whatsoever. At least Barack Obama makes some effort to try and give lip service to his own line of bull about wanting to change the way politics is conducted. Not Hillary.

She won't even bow out gracefully. Instead she's in major spin mode, and if there is one thing I cannot stand in politics, it's politicians who are all about spin and trumpeting lines of bull. Clinton is too busy parroting her "arguments" to sway these insider party hacks, aka the "superdelegates", to ignore the will of the voters who have now sent a majority of elected delegates to the convention pledged to Barack Obama. She's been trumpeting lines of baloney such as how she's the only one able to connect with these rust-belt voters, so she should be the nominee for that reason. Never mind that most everyone else in the rest of the country voted for Obama instead -- these white blue-collar voters are more important!

What nonsense. I think you ought to give the nomination to the person who won the most delegates, pure and simple. Anyway, people are going on and on wondering why the heck Hillary is continuing to go on when it's clear she's finished.

The Huffington Post has been trashing her in the press, calling her to the carpet for her latest supposed justification for staying in the race. In an interview she apparently alluded to Bobby Kennedy's assassination as a rationale for staying in. In effect it sounds like she's staying in, just in case Barack Obama gets bumped off!!

You know, up until now I thought Clinton ran a classless campaign, but this takes the cake. She really doesn't know when to quit, and she isn't helping the Democrats, or indeed herself, by refusing to go out gracefully. She now wants to make a federal case out of seating the Michigan and Florida delegations based on early primaries that broke party rules, primaries that all the other candidates boycotted. But she wants all these delegates seated anyway. You know, if Hillary wants to stay in the race to the end, fine, but don't go saying that the Michigan and Florida results should stand as is when those states broke party rules in moving their delegate selections up in the first place. And she doesn't look the least bit democratic or populistic by calling on party bigshots to hand the nomination to her based on her supposed arguments about who might be a better candidate in the fall.

She doesn't look like someone putting the party first in this whole thing -- she looks like she is out for herself, and maybe for Bubba and Chelsea, too.

Give up, already, Hillary, and take your defeat like a grown-up.

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