Monday, April 14, 2008


This time it's straight from Howard Kurtz, who interviewed the gorgeous Fox News Channel hottie. Looks like she's back to being a married woman again, rats.

Of course Kelly is an ex-attorney who wallowed in misery in Chicago and D.C. law firms before convincing a DC TV station to take her on two days a week. In her legal job, she did securities law and contract disputes. Real boring stuff. No wonder she left for the cheerier TV news scene, where you get to cover fun car accidents and murders all the time.

Seems Fox News is a good place to be if you're an ex-legal beagle -- I notice Shannon Bream is a reporter there and she's yet another hottie with a law degree. There's hope for lawyers yet -- alternative careers in the low-paying hellhole that is television news, what with low job security and anchors being carried out of their positions on a stretcher (Katie Couric).

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