Monday, March 03, 2008


Just a reminder that around 10PM EST will be live coverage of the Alberta vote. Here are the links to election night coverage:
Edmonton Journal -- Alberta Votes
Global Calgary - Alberta Votes

Also, here's Colby Cosh with his view of the election and his own voting plans.

I notice CBC going on about how this is a historic election and some of those folks seem to be implying there could be a change of government tonight. Somehow, I doubt it. But we shall see what happens. I'll say this for Alberta, at least they have NHL teams in the playoffs and an open-wheel auto race --unlike Toronto.

(Of course, Manitoba has neither, but I'm not that impressed with Manitoba anyway these days.)

UPDATE: 73 freaking seats for the PCs. Lots of red-faced pundits and media-type people. Gotta love it, unless you're a Liberal.

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