Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well, the Blog returns to the deep end tonight as I spread a little more Playmate love to another gorgeous Sixties bunny-rabbit-turned-actress, Victoria Vetri. (Earlier, I saluted redneck-B-movie babe Claudia Jennings.) I love these stories about how these hotties would go from lowly Playmate gigs to careers in the movies or TV. I noticed the movie 10,000 B.C. is due out this week and I thought I would use the occasion to gush over Miss Vetri, who starred in the cult classic When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, released by Hammer Films. I believe this was the followup to One Million Years B.C. that starred Raquel Welch.

I know a lot of websites have been going through these caveman movies and harkening back to these hotties that starred in them, like Raquel, Barbara Bach (Caveman), Daryl Hannah and everyone else. They better not leave Victoria out.

Actually, Victoria was an actress and singer for several years, but this role came soon after she gained a bunch of new fans from her appearances in Playboy (as Angela Dorian). Check out some more photos of Victoria, who wore a blonde wig in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and these other movies she was in.

Victoria was actually quite a cool cat. The book Swingin' Chicks of the Sixties profiled a lot of sixties women, and Victoria was in there. So she's officially a Swingin' Chick -- officially cool.

Fun fact for guys about Victoria -- she loves cars. Apparently she owned a Sprite and a Porsche. When she won the title of Playmate of the Year in 1968, Victoria won the coolest Playmate prize ever: a Playboy Pink AMX (shown below). Check out this page about AMX's association with Playboy. Seems aficionados are fascinated by this particular model of car and are suitably impressed. Apparently Victoria gave it a black paint job at some point to fend off all these nutjobs/souvenir hunters who were interested in the car.

For her pictorials Victoria went by the stage name Angela Dorian, named after the doomed ocean liner Angela Doria. I dunno why she wouldn't pose under her real name Victoria Vetri, which frankly is a much more memorable name. I guess she was too embarrassed.

There you have it --- my salute to a gorgeous lady.


Norm Schaefer said...

In 1967 I had the pleasure of meeting Angela, as she then called herself. I was then an assistant Art Director at Playboy.I wandered into the photo studio where Angela was being photographed for her apperance in the magazine. No, not the nude stuff. We struck up a conversation and became friends (only friends,regrettably) She was a sweet, beautiful, intelligent young woman. We had dinner a few times, with her agent hovering around the table like a guard.
She had a busy schedule and headed back to L.A. but wrote me several times to come and visit her. I believe her marriage was on the rocks by then.... It is one of the big regrets in my life that I did not respond. At the time I could not imagine what a beautiful girl could possibly see in me and was confused that a women like this would be writing me. By this time she was the Playmate of the Year and was all over the news. There was always a tinge of unhappiness around those sparkling eyes. I believe John Wilkes Booth wrote to a former love, “Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest of these is it might have been.” I hope she has found life pleasant. She never struck me as the typical movie star type. My gut instinct is that she would have been happier being , well, not a movie/TV personality. N.B.Schaefer

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows anything current about Victoria Vetri please contact me, her niece Pamela Kuplast Merfeld at merfeldsam@aol.com, i appreciate it.