Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, it's a big day of news from nowhere again, so let's get right to the headlines, shall we?

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer left office today and was replaced by David Paterson.

Also, it was a rocky day on the international markets after the collapse of Bear Stearns, falling under the strain of the subprime mortgage mess that has made life miserable for all kinds of people in the United States. Bear Stearns is being bought out by JP Morgan Chase at a bargain-basement price in an effort to save the US economy.

The Brier, Canada's national curling championships, took place not far from my neighbourhood and Alberta's Kevin Martin was the big winner. Everyone was boohooing here in Manitoba because they were only getting attendances in the 7000-8000 range per draw. Well, try this event in Toronto and see what you'd get, that's my response!! Toronto people wouldn't freaking care at all about the Brier, they are too trendy over there. I'll bet Montreal would be even worse. At least in Winnipeg people still show up for curling! I think the reason more people didn't go had to do with ticket prices. I would have gone, but the prices were too high.

There was a lot of worry about how old the audiences were for this event -- lots of grey-haired-type people showing up.

This weekend's Brier coverage was the end of the line for CBC which had a lock on the finals for so many years. Next year TSN takes over the event completely, just as they are also taking over the whole Grey Cup/CFL package. Also, it was a sad goodbye because so many of the voices of curling on CBC (Don Wittman, Don Chevrier) had passed away recently.

Today is Byelection Day in Canada with four federal contests being held in Liberal-held seats. Lots of speculation that the Liberals will win and then pull the plug on the government, but I think that's the usual press gallery baloney.

Atlanta is still cleaning up from a tornado.

And on TV, Dancing With the Stars (right) is back!!! So is The Bachelor!!! (I have GOT to write a rant about the current state of TV compared to the old days. I mean really, God help all of us real TV fans if this is the best the networks can do. No wonder cable is beating the networks to a pulp.)

That's it for now.

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