Thursday, March 20, 2008


Another defeat for "legacy" media., the effort of the New York Post to take their popular PageSix page and turn it into a competitor with TMZ and the rest of these places, has been closed down. Here's what Nikki Finke had to say and what Gawker had to say.

Don't even bother visiting what's left of the site, they took the whole thing down today.

I dunno. Isn't there a saturation point to all this gossip nonsense? These days, we are getting wall-to-wall coverage of sleaze, with these pictures circulating these sites of Sex and the City star Kristin Davis photographed getting naked, and The Hills' Audrina Patridge photographed getting naked, plus coverage of whether Lindsay Lohan has a sex tape, and whether Ashley Dupre is getting a recording contract, and, and ---- why aren't people bored and fed up with all this trash and garbage already? I'm bored reading about it. Who really cares about Kristin Davis photos anyway, folks?

In fact, who cares about Kristin Davis, period!? But she is all over so many gossip outlets that it is a joke. So many sites are covering this crap, whether it's TMZ, Gawker, Jossip, Egotastic! or these other sites, that there is really no room for

Oh, and Britney Spears appears on How I Met Your Mother on Monday. I wonder if she's the "mother." Ha ha ha.

Just my own effort to keep up with the sleaze sites, folks.

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