Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You know, for some reason this Eliot Spitzer resignation reminds me a lot of this Marv Albert sportscaster business, where he was dressing up in lingerie and having rough sex with women in Washington D.C. hotel rooms. I guess D.C. is the place to be for all the action these days, eh? Marv Albert got busted for it and so was Spitzer today, resigning from office.

Apparently Spitzer was breaking state laws visiting hookers for six freaking years, while he was Attorney-General and Governor!!! Unbelievable. I hope this guy gets his law license taken away for this nonsense. Would serve him right after the years he spent as attorney-general, ruining the lives of Wall Street traders and sending them to jail.

Here's the question I have. How did this guy Spitzer think he could get away with this? Surely some of these callgirls would have gotten wise and realized this guy was the GOVERNOR. I mean, even people outside New York knew who he was. The guy's been in the news forever. Did he think these callgirls were all stupid?! I'm willing to bet it was one of his callgirl friends who figured out who he was and ratted him out in the end. I hope so.

The other thing I wonder about, too -- why the heck did he want to waste $5,000 on prostitutes? Why didn't he simply stay home and make out with his wife?! Or was the private life at home so bad that he felt he had to waste money on callgirls?! It makes you really wonder when married guys must resort to callgirls instead of getting it on with their wives at home. Is that what marriage is like in America for most guys -- no passion at all? Who needs marriage, then, if you need to see a hooker to get your kicks! And on the flip side, what if you're a woman with a husband who cheats on you in favor of hookers? That is downright insulting, not to mention embarrassing. Get rid of him, already, and find another husband or maybe even a younger man!! Heck, the First Lady of New York could probably do the "cougar" thing and have a good time.
What gets me is that Spitzer's been such a hypocrite about this whole thing. If Spitzer was going around calling for the legalization of prostitution, that's one thing. But he was on his high horse the whole time not only about Wall Street, but against prostitution and these callgirl rings! All the same time he's doing this, here he's giving them his business!!! Reminds me of Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and all these other guys who were on their moral high horse in public and then went and did something else in private, behind closed doors.

There you have it, another edition of the CAIRNS BLOG gone straight into the deep end.

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