Friday, March 28, 2008


Been surfing around the Web looking for stuff and came across this at Mark Evanier's website. This is a compilation of opens over the past 60 years for KTLA News at 10 in southern California. I'm quite familiar with KTLA news because we are able to get the channel up here on some of our cable packages. Pretty funny seeing the openings to the 'casts from the Ron Burgundy era of television news in the Seventies (stay classy, San Diego).

Quite a few big names used to work there as you can tell from the clip, including folks like Keith Olbermann, Jann Carl and a few other people. Check it out.

Also, here's part of a KTLA newscast from 1982. Enjoy.

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RonGav said...

KTLA has long had the reputation of being LA's Television University, if not a great spring board to the networks. Don't forget the likes of Dick Enberg, Al Michaels, Keith Jackson, Tom Snyder, Giselle Fernandez (love her!), and your own Jerry Coleman.

In addition to on-air talent, there has been a wealth of behind the scenes personnel such as directors, producers, stage and lighting, camera, and audio engineers who now work the biggest shows on TV.

AS a forty year veteran, I know KTLA has and will be a great place to work and to grow.