Thursday, March 13, 2008


More juicy stuff is coming out about this Eliot Spitzer callgirl scandal.

In fact, we are now seeing him being referred to as the "Love Guv," which is pretty hilarious. Wasn't there a judge named Kimba Wood who was referred to as the Love Judge because of some affair she had. And she had to withdraw her bid to get on the Supreme Court! But that was way different and pretty minor stuff if you ask me. Anyway, Spitzer is out of a job, in legal trouble and the butt of jokes.

The woman who is at the heart of the scandal is 22-year old Ashley Dupre, from New Jersey. Apparently she is the babe Spitzer forked over 5 grand for. Well, I hope it was worth it. 5 grand for any hooker really seems like a total waste of money as far as I am concerned. Expect Dupre to get an offer from Playboy, soon.

In other news, it seems everybody is going to callgirls. Word is out now that the richest guy in England, the Duke of Westminster, also goes to callgirls and was part of this ring. Who the heck else was part of this ring? Charlie Sheen?! Prince Harry?!?! How about Bill Clinton?! This is really a joke.

By the way I put up a picture of Julia Roberts, who of course is not a callgirl but played one in the movies. The oldest profession seems too popular for its own good these days.

UPDATE: Apparently Playboy isn't interested in Ashley Dupre--- but the lowbrow slimebuckets over at Penthouse and Hustler are.

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