Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thought I would serve up links to an old episode of a sitcom. Here's a link to He & She. a show that ran on CBS way back in 1967 that starred Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin. The show seemed similar to the Dick Van Dyke Show which had just gone off the air very recently, as it involved this guy who was a cartoonist whose creation was now a TV show. Jack Cassidy (husband of Shirley Jones) played the star of that show, Jet Man. Here's the link here, here and here. YouTube is great for rescuing long-lost TV shows from the vault, I gotta say.

Having seen the episode, it sure seems like a good show. I think it was probably ahead of its time in a lot of ways. What struck me about the show is the whole look of the thing seemed right out of the Seventies. It seemed like it could have fit right in along with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and sitcoms like that. And keep in mind this is 1967 we were talking about. Also, I notice the show was produced by Talent Associates, the same people responsible for bringing you (drum roll, please) Get Smart.


It also had a great cast with these two real-life-marrieds Richard and Paula on the show, and the good news is the two stars of the show are still alive --unlike, say, the stars of The Lucy Show, Bewitched or even Gilligan's Island. (Jack Cassidy, though, died in a fire years ago.) Richard Benjamin is of course a very funny actor, but I also quite like Paula Prentiss and think she was quite the babe in her day. She was in What's New, Pussycat? and a few other flicks, and generally was way too good an actress to be stuck on TV.

In fact, she was way too cool and too liberated for the TV medium, period. Think about her sitcom contemporaries Barbara Eden, Barbara Feldon, Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary Tyler Moore, Marlo Thomas etcetera, and compare them to Paula Prentiss. What other major female sitcom star from the Sixties has a film resume that includes onscreen nudity credits? (!!!!)

(I notice writer Mark Evanier was one moviegoer impressed by Paula's underdressed appearance in Catch-22. Uh, ahem, ditto.)

Paula was too good for TV, too cool for TV and definitely too sexy as well. You go, girl.

So that's He & She. Actually, the real reason I am posting this is because I am sick and tired of American Idol, Survivor, Moment of Truth and the other reality TV crap littering the screen tonight. We really do need more sitcoms back on TV.

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