Saturday, March 01, 2008


Last Grand Prix of Toronto rant from me; I promise.

Here's a piece by Norris McDonald trying to figure out who's to blame for the dismal state of affairs with the Grand Prix of Toronto, better known for years as the Molson Indy. He levels blame both at the city and at the owner of the race Kevin Kalkhoven. I dunno if I would blame Kalkhoven so much as I'd blame the city for not keeping the race going. Kalkhoven at least kept the race alive.

But nobody else did very much to keep it going; certainly no other potential local owner stepped up to replace Molson. Sounds like I didn't miss much when I skipped last year's race to go to the bigger, better event in Edmonton: the Toronto race had very little promotion. And McDonald is right on about leveling blame at Mayor David Miller, who's done nothing for the Grand Prix. This is yet another disaster under his watch. Race fans in Toronto have been totally disenfranchised.

But what do I care, I live in Manitoba-- right? That's all from me, I have movie reviews to write.

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