Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tonight is the finale of the joke season that is Celebrity Apprentice (9:00PM/8 Central on NBC and Global), and it's so freaking obvious that the audience is the big loser in the whole scheme of things. None of the people involved in this show is taking it seriously. Not even Donald Trump. If Trump was serious about making a show about how to get ahead in business, he should have given the boot to the toxic Piers Morgan ages ago. The guy truly is evil and Machiavellian. Then again, there are a lot of places out there where there are Piers-types running the whole show and wreaking havoc, yet they don't ever seem to get the boot. The fact that Piers in the finale of this lousy Celeb Apprentice season really says a lot about the world of business and the type of people involved in it.

It's also a cheap ratings stunt. Trump was so taken by the notion of having Piers in the finale that he ignored the sound advice of both CNBC brains Jim Cramer and Erin Burnett, who both said "fire him". I guess Trump saw the ratings potential of a Piers finale.

Sadly, the ratings have been good, so this train wreck of a series is assured of coming back for another lousy season.

Omarosa apparently comes back for one final faceoff with this dude Piers tonight. Who really cares about that or even wants to see that. And no one wants to see Piers win this thing, either. If Trace Adkins doesn't win The Celebrity Apprentice there will be a riot.

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