Thursday, February 28, 2008


My former Western classmates will be amused by this interview done by Jen Yamato of Rotten Tomatoes, with Cinematical film critic James Rocchi. He also does stuff for the Huffington Post these days, which is also infested by former Westernites (Rachel Sklar). Interestingly, Rocchi's planning to move in April to Los Angeles from his longtime base San Francisco.

Rocchi talked very briefly about his time in campus radio in the piece. He worked for CHRW, "Radio Western" as it was known, in London, Ontario, where he was music director and an on-air deejay. That's where I met him. I am actually not too surprised he went on to do movie reviews for a living; he made a point of being cooler than everyone else.

Me, I'm still in the process of developing a portfolio of movie reviews, though I have quite a few under my belt by now. There was a long stretch of time during the fall and winter months when I didn't do any reviews at all due to work commitments. It's really quite difficult to go to movies if you have to spend 12-to-16-hour days and countless late nights covering the freaking news.

Incidentally, I do not plan to do too much blogging for a few days. There are a couple of movie reviews I want to do, and on Sunday I will once again post my regular box office column to So watch out for that.

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