Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm really enjoying watching the election primary results coming in from all over the United States. Reminds me of the heady days of 2004 when I was very, very active on the political scene during a big American presidential year and following that race very closely.

Right now Obama has won Georgia and Illinois and Clinton has won Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. I notice on the Republican side that Romney has only carried Massachussetts, and Huckabee has won in Arkansas, Alabama and West Virginia and is currently leading in Georgia. McCain has won in New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware and is leading in a whole bunch of states.

I think that Huckabee stands to be the real winner on the Republican side today. He may not win the nomination but he's done well enough to probably secure a spot on the ticket. What was really interesting was what went down at the state convention in West Virginia. At that convention Romney had gone in there leading and stood to win the state, but McCain's folks made a deal with Huckabee's people to put Huckabee over the top to win the state's presidential nomination on the second ballot!! So that was really interesting today, and it sure looks as if Romney is tanking from coast to coast. Like I say, McCain pretty much has the GOP nod locked up, but I think he is going to need to look to the right wing of the party for a VP nominee and I think Huckabee has really helped himself with his showing, not just tonight but over the last several weeks.

It's still too early to call it on the Democratic side. In fact it may not even end tonight, it's that close on the delegate side right now. We'll see.

UPDATE: Massachusetts has now been called for Hillary Clinton.

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