Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ahem. You know that NBC show quarterlife? NBC put this show on and everyone said this was a big revolution because it was the first time an Internet-based show made it to TV, and how this is proof the Internet is more popular than TV and is going to take the medium over, and yada yada yada.

Well, creator Marshall Herskovitz now admits this was a big mistake and this show is a flop. It was better to leave it on the Internet, he said. So much for that. It's now expected that this show will not even make it to a second episode. ( UPDATE: the show has now been moved in disgrace to Bravo, the channel where NBC's flops go to die.)

You know, it's not easy for shows to switch mediums. Back when TV came on the scene, so many old radio shows and radio stars tried to switch over to what was then the new medium. Some made it, but a lot of old radio actors couldn't make the switch to TV, and so many old radio shows couldn't make it with TV versions. Seems to be a lot easier to make movie versions of old TV shows than to switch from radio to TV or for that matter, from the Internet to TV.

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