Friday, February 22, 2008


Be ready for a big advertising blitz this weekend as the Academy Awards telecast goes on Sunday night. Of course, beforehand is the big Barbara Walters special as usual, plus all the red carpet action with live color commentary of (a) the fashions and (b) whether anyone is pregnant. Basically it's a big pre-game show, followed by the big game. Just like the Super Bowl. Let's face facts, guys, the Oscars are basically the Super Bowl for women.

As for men, we just don't care. We especially don't care about Babs Walters. So all the ads are going to be skewed towards women, so don't expect beer ads with talking animals, or Victoria's Secret ads with come-hither supermodels in them.

We should see lots of ads to be viewed by the female of the species on Sunday night, for these perfume companies, food companies and other places. By the way, I noticed there was some article circling the Internet this week that claimed the TV commercial was dead. Not this weekend, folks.

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