Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A few stories are out there about happenings in TV news and elsewhere

Notice that Global National is getting on with doing its news out of Ottawa now. Kevin Newman is anchoring the thing from Ottawa, meanwhile everyone else is back home still writing the thing from Vancouver. Weird setup, if you ask me.

Also noticed that there are a few writeups out there on what former Cleveland TV news anchor Tiffany Burns has been up to. Seems she is a documentary filmmaker now. She recently did a doc called Mr. Big which calls into question the interrogation tactics of these law enforcement officials, and it has played film festivals including the one in Vancouver. Burns is pretty outspoken about the subject because her brother Sebastian went to jail for murder, and she thinks he was wrongfully convicted. Anyway, read her interview with eFilmCritic here.

Nice to know there is life after TV news for people in the documentary game.

Also nice to know there is life for former correspondents who left CNN. Andrea Koppel just got a new gig. She is now a PR consultant for a big strategy consulting firm. Well, PR certainly seems like a place that a lot of these correspondents wind up at. I read that Renay San Miguel (ex-CNBC) ended up at a PR firm, and that Garrett Glaser (also ex-CNBC) ended up at a PR firm, and that quite a number of people have ended up at PR firms after their news careers were over. Let's not even go into all these former anchors and reporters in Canada who left the media to go work for Dalton McGuinty and his government in Ontario.

I myself have been contemplating ditching a news career entirely for PR, mainly because the pay is better. That is always the reason for the switch --- always. More later.

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