Thursday, February 07, 2008


Just wanted to pass along a lot of the big news from nowhere today.

Mitt Romney has bitten the dust.

And John McCain is trying to mend fences with these conservatives, but the conservatives don't know what's good for them and are still going around moaning about what a terrible choice they will have in November with McCain as the nominee. Me, I don't see why conservatives would want to risk sitting out an election and handing the White House to Hillary or Barack for the next four years. Are they nuts? I guess so, eh?

Also, Angelina Jolie -- who, regular readers of this blog will detect, is a woman I have a serious big-time crush on -- made a big trip to Iraq and sat down with CNN to talk about it, and correspondent Arwa Damon just had to try and ask Angelina about whether it was true that she... "you're CNN, don't do it!" Seriously, I don't know why people are so interested in whether or not Angelina is pregnant. Same with this Britney Spears nonsense and all the brouhaha about her mental health. So she's crazy. So what?

And Heath Ledger's death was ruled accidental.

It's confirmed now, the Bills are going to be playing some games in Toronto. And people in Toronto are going nuts about how this is going to mean the end of the CFL. Hey guys, this isn't the end of the CFL; there are teams throughout all the rest of the country, too, you know. Of course, people in Hamilton and in Buffalo are really worried about this latest development. Buffalo is scared as heck they might lose their team to Toronto.

By the way, Winkler hosts Hockey Day in Canada this weekend and I may go down there to check out the proceedings. Weather permitting of course. The Winkler Flyers host Selkirk in a Manitoba Junior League game, and apparently the Stanley Cup will be in attendance. Fun stuff.

That's all for now.

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